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Empowering Your Strategy with Precision Predictions for Tomorrow's Financial Landscape

Luumeos harnesses the power of advanced proprietary neural networks and machine learning technologies to offer precise daily predictions on US 2-Year Treasury Swap Spreads. Our sophisticated forecasting model meticulously analyses historical data and current market trends, providing insights with remarkable accuracy. Available on our user-friendly platform, the model's predictions span a rigorously backtested period of over seven years and extend forecasts up to 15 days into the future, all while maintaining a normalised error rate for enhanced reliability.

US: 2-Year Treasury Swap Spread


This forecast can help quantitative and discretionary investors:

Incorporate Forecasts into Systematic Trading Strategies

By incorporating Luumeos forecasts into models, systematic traders can refine their strategies to better capture market inefficiencies, manage risks, and achieve their trading objectives with a high degree of automation and precision. 

Discretionary Investors might Identify Trading Opportunities

Portfolio Managers relying more on their judgment, experience and qualitative analysis benefit from this knowledge of anticipated movements. It can influence their positions, communications, and strategies.

Investment Risk Warning:
Investors should exercise caution when relying on forecasts, including those related to US 2-Year Treasury Swap Spreads, as part of their investment decision-making process. While forecasts can provide valuable insights into potential future market movements, they are inherently subject to a range of uncertainties and limitations:
Market Volatility and Unpredictability: Financial markets are influenced by a complex interplay of factors including economic indicators, political events, and market sentiment. These factors can cause rapid and unpredictable changes in market conditions, making it difficult for any forecast to accurately predict future movements.
Model and Forecasting Limitations: Forecasts are typically generated using statistical models and historical data. These models may not fully account for future market conditions or the impact of unforeseen events. As a result, there is no guarantee that past performance or historical trends will accurately predict future outcomes.
Economic and Geopolitical Risks: Changes in economic policies, geopolitical tensions, and unexpected global events can have significant impacts on financial markets. Such events are difficult to predict and can render forecasts less reliable.
Interest Rate and Credit Risk: Forecasts related to Treasury Swap Spreads are particularly sensitive to changes in interest rates and perceptions of credit risk. Investors relying on these forecasts should be aware of the potential for sudden shifts in these factors that could adversely affect their investments.
Liquidity Risk: Market conditions can affect the liquidity of certain investments, making it difficult to execute trades at anticipated prices. This risk can be exacerbated in volatile or illiquid markets, affecting the performance of strategies based on forecasts.
Diversification: Investors should not rely solely on forecasts for US 2-Year Treasury Swap Spreads as the basis for their investment decisions. Diversification across a range of asset classes and investment strategies is crucial for managing risk and achieving long-term investment objectives.
Investors are advised to consider their own financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance before relying on any forecasts. Consulting with a financial advisor or investment professional is recommended to develop a strategy that is appropriate for individual circumstances and goals.

US: 2-Year vs 10-Year Treasury Curve Spread

Model Type: Forward Forecast (15 days)

Frequency: Daily

History: 5+ Years



1 Day Prediction

7 Day Prediction

15 Day Prediction

SMAPE: 0.4337%

RMS: 5.84

US: GDP Nowcast

Model Type: Nowcast

Frequency: Daily

History: 5+ Years

Last Actual


Current Nowcast


SMAPE: 0.1383%

RMS: 1.11

Global: Geopolitical Risk

Model Type: Thematic Index

Frequency: Daily

History: 5+ Years

Daily Model


7-Day moving average