Discover the AI-Future of Investing

Alpha Generating Insights

Multi-Asset Strategies

We work with investors to redefine the way they actively invest with impact across virtually all asset classes at a significantly lower cost. In combination with other trading signals, we can help systematic and discretionary traders to develop new investment ideas and strategies.


Fixed Income

Build Dashboards that predict Fixed Income Securities, track macro events that influence sovereign debt markets, etc.



Build Dashboards that predict stock prices, track public companies from all sectors and events that impact their performance.



Build Dashboard that predict the prices of globally-traded commodities, and the news that can impact supply chains and distribution.

How it works

We work closely with clients to ensure we outperform expectations!


Data Collection

We work with clients to aggregate vast and necessary sources of structured and unstructured data. This includes data from our partnerships, online accessible news, and our client's internal (and proprietary) research.


AI-Driven Analysis

Utilising advanced AI technologies. our system processes and interprets data. We identify patterns, causality and context. All relevant information is unified on our multi-scale knowledge graph.


Trend Identification

AI algorithms:
● Predict Market Data (e.g. US 10 Yr Swap Spreads, S&P 500, WT1 Crude Oil Futures, etc.)
● Nowcast Economic Data (e.g. US: GDP Growth Rate, UK: Consumer Price Index CPIs, etc.)
● Index Unobservable Thematic Time Series (e.g. Recession Risk, Banking Sector Concern, etc.)


Insight Generation

Our system synthesises this anlysis into clear, actionable insights. The conversion of complex data findings into understandable formats that can be used by both systematic and discretionary investors.


Reporting & Visualisation

Insights are presented through user-friendly interfaces; customisable dashboards. These are easy to access, easy to interpret and suitable for developing new investment ideas and strategies.

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