Accelerated Actionable AI Human Insight on Investment and Risk Management

We believe your talent is your competitive edge in making better Macro & ESG investment decisions


What is Actionable AI Human Insight?

A synthesised interpretation ofmarket specialists’ knowledge

Actionable AI Human Insight provides real-time reports on changes in Macro & ESG risks of assets.
We collect and aggregate different opinions from market specialists on what market dynamics are, the driving forces behind them, and differentiate between the investment strategies people take.

Why does Actionable AI Human Insight matter?

People think differently

Opinions diverge on what drives the market and what they mean over short, medium, & long-term investment strategies.
Reduce investment risk:● Harness and leverage not just your own view of risk incidents● Consensus and alternative views can be collected, processed and coupled with quantitive analysis
Produce sustainable investment outcomes:
● Align investment decisions with ESG risk quality● Minimise the risk of breaching regulatory guidelines● Increase transparency and governance


About Luumeos

We are backed by Post Urban Ventures, a specialist in building AI and Deep Tech Ventures

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs with PHDs from Cambridge, MIT, and UCL. Led by a commercial CEO, management team, and advisory board of financial and fintech industry leaders. We deeply understand the problem we are solving and the challenges faced by investors.
We are building a platform to accelerate, align, and amplify Macro & ESG investment decisions and profits in Fixed Income.
We are partnering with leading investment banks, asset managers, and hedge funds who are ambitious about innovation.
If you and your team want to bring the power of AI to augment human insight on critical investment decisions, we'd love to have a chat.

Luumeos will become a leading light in optimising the way in which investors arrive at decisions.

Our Leadership Team


Rory Fleming


Bachelor's in Economics at University of Exeter, CEO of 'FareShout', Associate Principle at Restoration Partners, Co-Founder / CEO of MentorXchange



Rogerio Candeias


PhD in Computational Biology from Harvard, MIT, Serial Entrepreneur & Co-founder at 8 startups. CTO at Founder's Factory, Engineering Director at BCG



Luke Robinson


PhD in Quantum Computing, Research fellow of Oxford & Cambridge, Post-doc research on the mathematics of emotions with unique, proprietary IP



Lotus Qi

Operations and Brand

Head of Operations at Post Urban and Venture Manager. ESG Manager at Pensana Plc. Freelance Marketing Manager. Founder of Nishana. Beijing Language and Culture University.



Jeff Jones


Venture Builder, Serial Entrepreneur, VP & GM at Disney, Specialised in Business development, building businesses, and creating partnerships.


Want to join our Lighthouse users?

We are giving early-stage access to an exclusive group of early adopters. It is FREE to join but we do require a contribution of thoughts and insight.
Over the next few months, we will ask our Lighthouse users for sophisticated views of markets, Macro, and ESG. With our unique AI modeling, we will provide real-time reports on the relationship between markets and the economy. An interpretative edge from a talented network of investors.
Not all applicants can be accepted. Each participant will receive a limited number of invites.

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