A word from our CEO

A word from our CEO

We are living through a very exciting time in terms of financial markets. This is the most macro environment many of us have seen in our lifetimes. Blackrock suggests that 90% of all returns on asset classes can be explained by 6 macroeconomic factors.

It comes as no wonder the IMF announced in May 2022 that the world economy is heading into the worst economic headwinds we have seen since World War 2. We have experienced global crisis after global crisis.

Through the pandemic, we saw severe fiscal deterioration in advanced economies, emerging markets and developing economies. Output collapses and significant government spending to keep economies afloat triggered a massive increase in global debt levels. The Russia-Ukraine war and renewed Covid-19 lockdowns in China compounded an already disrupted global supply chain.

Consumption is falling because inflation has led to the tightening of monetary conditions. To ordinary people, this means that the cost of their mortgage has gone up at the fastest pace in a decade (according to data from the Bank of England). Any money borrowed suddenly carries with it a lefty interest rate so borrowing is expensive. Wages have not kept up with the cost of basic utilities like food. Disposable income and consumer spending are down. The cost of oil has meant energy expenses are up and we are facing an energy price crisis not just for households but for businesses as well. Unemployment will be impacted. All of these risks are banded together which would suggest the ISM (Institute for Supply Management) is going back to 30 which is as it was in 1974 when the Arab oil embargo tripled the price of oil… a terrifying prospect for any economic historians out there.  

Investors are always looking for an edge on the market. Most investors (both institutional and retail) are drowning in data. There is so much data out there that people have lost the ability to put it into context. There is no informational edge!

Your edge is in how you analyse macro and markets and there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to macro. 

What I can offer you is the opportunity to collaborate with other talented investors to develop a unique AI platform. We will create an interpretive edge on what the market is doing, feeling, and thinking. You will make more informed decisions, we together will manage risk better.

I urge you to join our journey. 

For institutions: you will have early access to the value created for FREE at proof-of-concept stage. This is an opportunity to co-create rather than buy later.

For our Lighthouse early adopters: access to an exclusive club of talented sophisticated investors. Be at the start of our journey!